Monday, March 19, 2012

viva las glitz

Two birds, one stone. Jiao saw Las Vegas and Cate slept in a real (cough, cough) castle. Until we can visit the real castles of Europe, kitschy Excalibur will have to do.

Then on to Arizona. This trip was also highly nostalgic. The Rockin' R dinner/show has not changed much since the 20 plus years we were last there. Cate loved the yodeling.

A fast trip with all my favorite people (sans Kody, boo).

Also able while there to attend Casey's wedding luncheon and reception. Great to visit with my brother Cliff and Jeff and their families and Cam and his little family. Also saw Aunt Laurene at the reception and Uncle Clinton (Jay) my mother's brother, who I hadn't seen since her funeral. Always good to see my people.

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