Wednesday, March 7, 2012

one eyed jack

A few pics then for the non-squeamish. Look away if you are and if you question my good sense in posting these, well, remember I am the one who went around recommending to all the fam. I think it’s an Arnett thing, we like to revel in all things gross.

Here’s the before, where you can clearly see my genetically droopy eye plus 40 years of hard contact lens wear. Bad combination, bad.

After surgery wherein darling ld pokes fun of my disability and makes up pirate names to call me.

This morning. The unveiling. The doctor assures me this will heal and right itself in time. I’m trusting because It’s not pretty.

You should feel sorry for me and bring me dinner and rub my head and say, ‘Poor, poor bunny’. Wait. Ld already did.

Glad to have this behind me. By middle of summer I should be able to have the Lasix.

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Megs said...

yikes. honestly though, it's not as bad as I thought it'd be. We'll be over later to rub your head and call you sweet bunny. ;0)