Monday, February 6, 2012

elephant baby shower

Kenz threw a shower for Brig's cousin last week. A few pics, then.

She let me help with the cake. The first one fell apart due to Cate's being 3 years old. So this is the second one. Yup, it's sculpted fondant on a buttercream frosting. Fondant is too gross to actually eat, imho.

One of the baby games. It's an old standby, identify the person from their baby pic.

It's been done a lot, so she shook things up a bit.

A bit harder now. Heh heh. The way she played it was cute, too. Guests had to don disguises, also. Ask her for deets.

Oh. And an elephant made out of sewn receiving blankets. Don't laugh. It's creative.

She had the guests sign a children's book. You can see it displayed above.

To use the vernacular of the day, she's amaze-balls.


Megs said...

amaze-balls, indeed. ruffle. pleats. ;0)

The coolest fat panda said...

Wow... She is talented (thumb up)