Thursday, October 6, 2011

How far that little candle throws his beams! - William Shakespeare

Remember a couple of weeks ago when you came home from church all distraught because the soles of your Sunday shoes had worn out and separated? You tried to convince me to take them to the repair shop and get them fixed. I said it would be better to just buy a new pair. And then you did. Those old shoes had seen many churchin' days.

And the other night. Remember when you were telling JLW with so much sincerity that marriage brings a lot of responsibility. I overheard you say that 'you are responsible for your wife and children. Your life is not your own anymore'.

I remember, just like I remember and observe, so many of the good and decent things about you.

A man who wears out his shoes in service. A man who has kept his family afloat for many, many years. A man who gives his time and money and days to the things that matter most to him.

Happy Birthday, ld. It's a good time to remind you that your life and example has touched us all, me especially.

Carrot cake and chocolate you don't have to share, then. Very glad that you were born.

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Devry said...

Happy Birthday Uncle Lance! I'm glad you got some new church shoes. You deserve them!