Sunday, September 25, 2011

saturday doings

Megs and I threw our first and possibly only garage sale yesterday, and we were pretty well pooped by noon. At 4:30 we headed up to the Conference Center in SLC to support our Keny, who was singing in the choir. As far back as we were it didn't take us long to spot her. Front row, middle section, 6th person in from our left. We could hear her singing above all the rest:) Man, we love our little songbird.

We parked about three blocks away and trooper Meghan hobbled along with her swollen pregnant lady feet. She finally removed her shoes and we were able to quicken our pace.

Other highlights, apart from the excellent singing and blistered feet, of course:

The gal sitting next to Megs in the conference center who decided to clip her toenails with her fingers and flick them on the carpet. Eww.

President Uctdorf's wonderful talk about the little blue flowers. I leaned over to Meghan before he was even through and whispered: "How long do you think it will take Deseret Book to start merchandising and stocking all things related to Forget-Me-Nots?"

After the meeting, we hobbled back to the car and drove home, straight to WinCo, where we purchased a few things for Sunday dinner. Exhausted as we were, the whole trip a thumbs up. Sweet little memory, a 'forget-me-not' occasion. He he he.

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Mackenzie Sue said...

that is disgusting. Loved Elder Uctdorf's talk. thanks for coming to support me.