Wednesday, September 14, 2011

internet i love you

You’ve heard of the Khan Academy, yes?*
It is a godsend for math dummies like me. Seriously, I don’t want to die so stupid.

And just look at all there is to learn. Even a G-mat test section, Kody & JLW please take note. It’s a little weak in the humanities category (like none) but promises to be coming soon.

Seriously, go check it out. You don’t want to die so stupid either.

*Click on the link and then scroll down to Khan Academy news reports and interviews. There’s been quite a bit written about it, I am late to the game. And before you pooh-pooh it consider that BYU-Idaho’s Kim Clark has been given a charter to develop just such a radical new education model. They are starting to assemble a global online adjunct faculty that doesn’t need to be full time, or reside in brrrr cold Idaho. It’s possible Khanacademy will render Math (and others, too) departments obsolete.

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