Wednesday, June 1, 2011

from my gaudium* register

Some people have their gratitude journals, bucket lists, mighty life lists and happiness projects. Remember, I've blogged before about the 14,000 things to be happy about. It's all pretty much the same premise. Finding things that bring one joy. And it is a good practice to document it. Especially on bad days, because even on those there are things to bring a smile. When I run out of things to list, then it's time to go. I'm thinking this could run into the hundred thousands.

#100,000. My awesome striped hat. A gift to me for Mother's Day.
#99,999. Penee and Sydnee brought over some great cardboard this morning. That, plus the visit, made my day.
#99,998. I finally tackled that out of control weed patch in the front yard.
#99,997. Bountiful Baskets*. Since Megs got me hooked on them my meal planning has become much healthier. I haven't been disappointed yet, both in the variety of fruits and vegetables and in the quality. Today's mangoes are no exception. I put them in one of my mom's old dessert goblets. Sentimentality plus deliciousness definitely puts this on the list.

*gaudium is latin for joy, delight.

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