Saturday, June 11, 2011

can I be your friend? can I follow you?

Recent news of a certain congressman's inappropriate and crazy twittering and facebooking have everyone shaking their heads, no? Oh. my.

And then today on althouse she linked to this:

This just cracks me up.

I deleted my facebook a month or so ago because I thought I had been hacked. JLW says I wasn't. I'll probably re-open it again soon but I never could quite get the hang of what it was supposed to be. A mini blog? A place to post pictures and cool videos? I love that when it is with people I actually know and care about. But beyond that it is potentially creepy. Sort of. And yet! I read (and sometimes comment) on blogs of people I don't know all the time and my life is better for it. I have been enriched by the thinking and writing of others. Blogstalking and facebook (twittering, haven't gotten into that, yet) stalking, we all do it. It's the nature of the medium. But taking photos of your privates and sending them out, don't think that's in the revised edition of How to Win Friends and Influence People, is it?

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