Wednesday, March 9, 2011

the royal bash

Cate turned 3 yesterday and we celebrated with a 'child of God princess' party. That's how she describes herself. It was great fun. Eight little princesses dressed in all their finery and one lone boy, dressed as spiderman. Ld popped in, too.
The cakes


Royal Crafting and the Royal Feast

Storytime with Fairy Grandmother. An intense version of Princess and the Pea.

The games. Kiss a Frog, Princess Treasure Hunt, Memory Match, Unicorn Ring toss and of course Slay the Dragon. Only Cate became very attached to the pink dragon and refused to let anyone harm him.

The Castle

Princess Meghan. A real live princess came to celebrate. Note the surprised look on Cate's face.

Birthday present haul

Group photo. Spiderman/prince boy didn't want to pose with the lovelies.

We gave Cate a wagon for her birthday. Ld gives Cate and Maddie rides. I am thinking this would transform into a great princess carriage. Or an awesome parade float.


Megs said...

cate's surprised face is priceless--makes dressing up and looking like an idiot all worth it. ;0)

Anonymous said...

So, where was the dragon that Voltaire made?