Friday, March 18, 2011

god bless the sick and the afflicted

People all around are suffering. The images out of Japan make me weep. What can I do? Our home ward started making quilts to send them, the church sent out a notice that they are desperately needed. I will suggest this or something similar to our BYU ward. There has to be something we can do to show our compassion. In the face of so much devastation and suffering, we can't remain unmoved. The reality that so many are cold, homeless, hungry, frightened, not to mention grieving, it's all so sad and incomprehensible.

This puts my own familys present sufferings in perspective. Yesterdays MoDa got cancelled. Megs, Faye and Keny are all sick with nasty colds. Maddie is making a welcome recovery from a ruptured eardrum, but our Cate started breathing treatments yesterday. Either from RSV or pneumonia, they are not sure.

And ld has been out of town these past 2 days. Get home, man. Your presence is required.

"visiting the sick might not physically alter the course of an illness, but the knowledge that people care may ease the suffering and discomfort of one who is ill or recuperating and dispel any fears that the suffering is deserved because he or she is a bad person. . . . sometimes all we can give an afflicted person is the gift of our caring presence, and when we do that, we are following God's way."
--Rabbi Harold Kushner (from his Torah commentary in the Eitz Hayim Humash)

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