Tuesday, February 1, 2011

vanity fair

I bought a wonderful green cardigan right after Christmas. I love the color, sort of a pale avocado green. Ld does not love it so much. A couple of weeks ago I tried taking a picture of it (with me wearing it) so you could see how nice it looked and what a good color it was on me. he he he.

I held my camera out at arms length and started shooting. Disaster. My arms weren't long enough and I couldn't figure out where to position the camera. After the first 20 or so shots, I started chuckling. Then it became ridiculous and I was falling off the couch and laughing out loud at myself. See? What a dork. I'm loving the lipstick stained teeth, too.

But the sweater. Trust me. It's awesome.


Mackenzie Sue said...

the sweater is pretty awesome, and you look mighty fine in it. I also enjoyed your self taken photos. :)

Megs said...

the sweater IS awesome. and a very flattering color too.

p.s. those earrings are stunning, mind if I borrow them?? hee hee!