Monday, February 21, 2011

have you heard the Buzz? Madeline turns 1.

This little honey turns 1 today. We celebrated last night with a Bumblebee party.
Maddie has the most expressive face. She pulls the funniest poses.

Cate helped me make these little hanging bees out of toilet paper rolls and napkins. The Beehive is TP covered in strips of brown paper bags.

The pinata was great fun to make. There is something so whimsical about them.

The bee and flower masks were for another party game. Here's how to play: The bees chase the flowers until they catch them. That's it. Totally age appropriate.

In the top right hand corner is a ring toss game. Save those plastic lids as they make great rings.

Maddie's most favorite game by far. She totally got the concept of tossing the beanbag bees into the pot.

We sang bee songs and did some fingerplays including the use of a flannelboard. Because I am obsessed with them. And because they are age appropriate:)

The Bee cake. Yup, tradition says for the first birthday it has to be baked in a panda cake pan. I shaved off his ears and feet and turned him into a bee. The cupcakes are marshmallow daisies with jelly bean bees.

You can't see the banner too well in this pic but you get the idea. It's a bee theme, people.

I'm posting more pics over at the Grandparentals, later. Also, I've yet to receive Megs pics. When I get them I'll probably add some more. Because I know you all care so much about partying Bees.

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lacy lee said...

Bee-licious! Will you come to SV to sort out my girls' birthdays next month??