Tuesday, January 18, 2011

C'mon over fam. Enough leftovers for a week.

Last night we ordered Chinese take out. When we got home, I dived into the sweet and sour chicken, but as I opened the other boxes it became apparent both by the quantity and variety that they had given me the wrong order. The bill I paid was for $17.80. This was too much food. A ton more. And good stuff I hadn’t ordered either.
Ld and I felt a little uncomfortable as we chewed. Quietly he said, “go take a twenty and go back and pay them the difference.’ I readily agreed.

The teenage boy’s face lit up when I walked back in. He apologized profusely as it had been his fault with the mix up. I told him I wanted to pay the difference. The three at the desk exchanged puzzled looks and then after some discussion in Chinese rang up the total - $55.60, minus the $17.80 I had already paid. More than I had expected but it was right to pay it.

When I got home I said to ld:
I may not say this often enough or ever again but I am very happy to be married to someone who was bothered by that and wanted to fix it.

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