Saturday, January 1, 2011

a year of mostly sun

From The Passing of the Year by Robert W. Service

My pipe is out, my glass is dry;
My fire is almost ashes too;
But once again, before you go,
And I prepare to meet the New:
Old Year! a parting word that's true,
For we've been comrades, you and I --
I thank God for each day of you;
There! bless you now! Old Year, good-bye!

True. I am blowing kisses to 2010. So many good things came to pass – the graduations, the miracles, the progress, the better choices, the books, the insights, the grandgirlies born. And as it slips away I can only whisper, no yell, thank you. Some years, sometimes whole life seasons even, are not so good, for whatever reasons. I am very, very glad to have had 2010.