Friday, March 5, 2010

deanna troi musings

Wednesday, driving in the car with jlw.

Me: How do you think married persons with the same first name feel? How weird is that?

Jlw: Whaddya mean?

Me: Like a Robin being married to a Robin. Or a Terry being married to a Terri. Or a Bob and a…uh….Bob.

Jlw: So you are referring to homosexuals?

Me: No, just in general theorizing. I wonder how they handle that. Does it give them pain?

Jlw: Do you actually know any married couples with the same first name?

Me: No, I don’t. But I am imagining and preparing. What if someday someone comes to me for advice and comfort about this issue. What would I say ? Hmm?

Jlw: Well. (long pause) You should keep working on that advice. That could be a real golden nugget.


ld said...

I bet Earl & Louise secretly wished they had the same first names…hence the matching shirts.

Dana said...

Mr. JLW is pretty funny. I actually do know a married couple with the same first name so when you work out that advice let me know.