Monday, March 8, 2010

cate turns two

Had a little birthday tea party for Cate last night. Kenz turned the planning all over to me as she has been busy growing and delivering Madeline.

Cate had us sing and blow out the candles 4 times, dancing while we sang. We gave her a little Radio Flyer scooter with the helmet. She wouldn't take it off.

Cate loves, loves tea parties. Hence, everything pink, girly and tea party related.

We decorated her little table too. Here she and Meghan using their best fancy schmancy manners.

It was a dress up affair. Cate dons her gloves and heels.

Some very distinguished gentlemen were in attendance, too.

We did fun stuff. Like playing I'm a Little Teapot on the Flannelboard

and a Blowing out the candles fingerplay

We played Tea Cup Bean Bag Toss. Cate won.

How did we know whose turn it was? Easy, peasy. See the little pink and white cubes in the sides of the picture? Those are photo dice, with each family members pics glued on. Roll on your pic and it's your turn! (Remember, people. Cate is only two:)

There was a Tea pot pinata, too. Aunt Megs won. She was fierce.

Though Cate gave her a run for her money.

Oh! and Tea Party Smarty. We played that, too.

It's a match game that looks like this:

For favors we had little construction paper purses filled with candy bracelets, and candy lipstick.

Oh. And Tea Cups made out of marshmallows and lifesaver handles.

The cake.

Cate pronounced it good.

In all I think it was a:

It was a fun party to plan but possibly you noticed something missing: no cardboard. Yup. This party I challenged myself to branch out into new mediums. No cardboard anywhere. I tried to get, uh, creative. Hence, the toilet paper stuffed hangy teapot thingys.


Kodison said...

BelleMa, i must say... I was really impressed (again) with your party skills. You did an awesome job yesterday. :)

Megs said...

loved everything about the party! ...but the pinata was a favorite. ;)

LacyLee said...

completely adorable!