Friday, August 14, 2009

my early morning find

During today’s early morning rounds I perused this:

which was okay but what got me really excited was the link on the second page:

Laurie Colwin. I am happy to discover her (and secretly hoping I love her as much as Marilynne Robinson). So it's off to the library this morning to locate:
Passion and Affect
Shine on, Bright and Dangerous Object
Happy All the Time
The Lone Pilgrim
Family Happiness
Another Marvelous Thing
Goodbye without Leaving
A Big Storm Knocked It Over

The PBS series American Playhouse adapted Colwin's short story An Old-Fashioned Story as a 90-minute film retitled Ask Me Again, which aired February 8, 1989. Maybe the library will have that too.

I’ll keep you posted as I’m never short on my opinions and I’m happy to share. ha!

Oh. And she also wrote a cookbook:
Home Cooking (1988) and More Home Cooking (1993)

(ld, I would like. Pretty please, buy it for me?)

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