Friday, August 14, 2009

groovy neurals

All the psycho chatter I have been reading lately uses all the usual buzz words: comfort zones, ego patterns of response, etc. My new personal favorite (to say exactly the same thing) is neural grooving. Call it what you will, but our predictable and ho hum risk free life is exactly the reason ld and I went white water rafting with some friends the end of June. It was time to ward me off some Alzheimer’s and lay down some new neural grooves, for sure.

It really was a memorable and great trip (see ld’s blog for a more detailed summary) and it did all the things I hoped it would when I somewhat trepidly signed us up: inspired confidence in me, helped repair my numbness to everyday life, sharpened my awareness and aesthetic senses, and provided yet another bonding experience with ld and some people I love.

As luck would have it all this stuff about forging new neural grooves continues to pop up everywhere: I am supposed to stretch, to grow. It’s all: Try this, go here, change sides, move outside your comfort zone, make some new contacts, let go of your usual role, walk instead of drive, make a friend from another side of town, go to the border, etc. We’re supposed to live ourselves into new ways of thinking.

Which is why I am shaking things up around here by:

1) brushing my teeth with my opposite hand
2) sleeping with my head where my feet should be (really, ask ld) and…
3) in general trying to have one new experience a week (so ld, will ‘ya take me to the County Fair this afternoon, hmm?)

Neural grooving could really work in my favor and make me a more vibrant human being.

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Anonymous said...

If you neural groove the wrong way, the groove can become a rut and the only difference between a rut and a grave are the dimensions. By the way I got the complet Ester Satterfield works on CD. My neural groove is expanding.