Wednesday, January 14, 2009

think I’ll patent it

Cardboard, old cans, boxes and containers. I always think, “what I can make out of this?" As has been pointed out to me many times, I know this is not normal. I know, okay? But it can not be helped. On Sunday I came up with this nifty invention – A Secret Chocolate Stash thingy. See for yourself.

An old Hersheys Cocoa container. The beauty is, it’s the perfect size. Large enough to hold some serious chocolate and yet small enough not to cause a diabetic coma. Oh, and the lid. I drilled a hole in the top and the side and attached a perky purple ribbon so I wouldn’t lose the lid. That has been a continual problem of mine in the past.

Since I want to keep my stash truly hidden and private, it’s best to use a disguise. See?

No chance now of anyone robbing me. He he he he.

This Candy Stash prompts other possibilities. Does anyone know what size drill bit it would take to drill through, oh say, some pots and pans?


Megs said... hahahaha i can't believe you added a face to your box...this i must see in person! You are too funny Mumsie!

Lindsay said...

This is classically classic. I want one for my very own. But only if it has the face......Oh, yes the face is indeed the best part :)

Anonymous said...

i would like to pre oreder mine as well love you auntie
your fav nephew Aussie