Sunday, January 25, 2009

baby boomerang

Aunt Laurene called early yesterday morning. "You're coming aren't you?" Of course, of course. We made a family outing out of it (minus the 2 FSILS who had to work). The occasion of course was the premiere of the Baby Boomerang, cousin Mark's film documentary showing at the LDS film festival.

Here we are in front of the official movie poster. I made Larry & Kathy pose with me for this photo, just to prove to Jeff that we were there.

More of the fam.

Cousin Love.

Some Uncle Love.

Penee wondering where HB went to. Oh, yes he is over there hob nobbing with other film lovers.

The movie was a beautiful tribute to Uncle Charles. What a great, gentle man. After hearing so much about it when it was shown in Arizona, I was very happy to finally see it. Afterwards, we talked ld into buying us all lunch. Here Cate shows her enthusiasm for the chips and salsa.


Chubby Hubby Love.

Cate waiting for her Mango Fruit Delight, er, whatever.

I love drinks with paper umbrellas, almost as much as hanging out with the people I love. Thanks 'lil fam for a great day.

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Kodison said...

So when do we get to play with Cate? Quit hogging the baby!