Tuesday, October 7, 2008

the leonardo

If you are in SLC in the next couple of months I am recommending you see Body Worlds. Not just recommending but strongly urging. Go see, go see, rellys.


Ld and I spent about 2 ½ hours viewing the detailed exhibits yesterday.
Absolutely amazing. You won’t think of your body in the same way ever again. Well worth your money and time. Oh, be sure to get the audio guide as well. It’s a great help to the whole experience.


Megs said...

I can't wait to see it!!! Anyone care to join me since my hubs refuses to "view the dead in exhibit form"?? ;)

Mackenzie Sue said...

I will go with you because my husband also refuses to go.

Lindsay said...

I'm dying to go too. I think it looks amazing. Glad to hear the by the review it won't disappoint :)

Channy said...

When I was in Houston a couple of Summers ago for a Conference I made the ladies I was traveling with go see it. They were not so pleased but I was entranced by it all! Almost a spiritual experience. I wish my kids could have seen it.