Thursday, June 7, 2007

CS Fortune Cookies

So for dinner I’m eating a Chicken Teriyaki bowl from Hogi Yogi. Yeah, I know fast food. Bad, bad. Eating this reminds me of JLW and his total mastery of chopsticks. Which reminds me of how much I enjoyed our fam Chinese food dinner last Friday night with Lexie as our waitress. Which now reminds me of those cookies of fortune and how I have always secretly wanted to be a writer of fortunes on account of my love for little sayings and profound proverbs. In fact, even as I speak, er, write this I am overcome with such intense desire to write some. Only not those lame ones you sometimes get like:

It is better to deal with problems before they arise, or A smile is your personal welcome mat, or You love Chinese food.

Sheesh. Lame.

No. I am interested in writing personalized messages. To those I love. I think I’ll write some now. And while some of them aren’t entirely original the sentiments come from my heart.


HB: Maybe you can live on the moon in next century.

My Russian Bro: I pee'd in your rice. (Okay, okay, not original, but funny, no?)

Chea: Moo Goo Guy Pan you are some kind of Lamb!

Eloise: The truth is in the diaper. (Thank you, Celine Dion)

JLW: You can depend on the trust of the collective.

BGA: He who tends his monies, has monies to tend.

Linds: You R 2 cute.

LDW: Skooch on over, baby.

And finally to our Jeff and Pam: All great and enduring relationships are tested by separation ; )


cs arnett said...

Just FYI:

I remembered this fortune from an old Garry Shandling standup routine:

"I once got a fortune cookie that said 'I pee'd in your rice'.
And it was handwritten!"


ld said...

Define skooch.

jla said...

Chea has a blog.