Friday, November 22, 2013

love is the only road

Yesterday became a special anniversary. Little Sophie showed up on this planet at 10:10 am. Oh, she is precious.

Here she is just minutes from her birth and thirty four years from our wedding day.

You can expect to be inundated with photos of her on facebook, instagram and the Grandparentals. No apologies.

And this guy.


1. stay together
2. no matter what.

--Michael Xavier

Well, it's been a bit more complicated than that, but in essence true. How easy it was (still is!) to trade peace for some sort of upset, to grow cold or irritable or to retaliate. Thankfully the years have taught us  a measure of tolerance, of overlooking, of letting go, of forgiving. Once mercy is practiced and lived, however imperfectly, then we are struck with the astounding revelation of just how precious relationships are. 

34 years, dude. That ain't small potatoes. 

And because I am all weepy and sentimental, a little Baby James, then. On the Secret 'o Life.

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