Friday, March 1, 2013

sad doings

This winter has been a dreary one. So much sickness, grey days, and cold temps. We can't expect every winter to shower rainbows and lollipops, I know that. I guess we're due.

ld's Dad passed away last week. The funeral was Wednesday. His passing kind of puts an exclamation point to a tough January and February.

Loyal ld. I love this man.

Really grateful to be surrounded by our little family. Thanks so much Kody & Megs for making the herculean effort. It meant so much.

Thanks to my family, too. You are always there for us.

"For small creatures such as we
the vastness is bearable
only through love."

~Carl Sagan

I believe love ties are eternal. I really do.

This world is not conclusion,

A sequel stands beyond,

Invisible, as music,

But positive, as sound.

--Emily Dickinson

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