Friday, August 10, 2012

model #XXA2rc

Couple of days ago ld came home from work and asked me how my day went. I told him I had spent some time cleaning out the garage. Let me guess, he said glancing around at the cardboard strewn dining table, you got distracted.

Yeah, I sheepishly replied.

I had discovered an awesome just-right-size box out in the garage and that coupled with the pink cupcake box Megs sent me for my birthday just begged to be made into a play kitchen.

Cate and Maddie came over this afternoon and they deemed this project a success, so not a total waste of time.

Back to the garage on Monday. Sigh.

Note its special features.

Knobs that really turn. That cupcake box came in really handy, Megs:)

Pink burners. Which seriously was the inspiration for this whole project. When the cupcake box arrived in the mail all I could think about was how this swirly graphic looked like a stove burner. They are supposed to be chocolate swirls or something but work much better gracing a re-fashioned cardboard appliance.

More knobs that turn.

Potholder pegs. Made from cardboard tightly rolled up and glued.

Tiny stove-top shelf to hold whatever. Cate suggested pepper.

Metal bowl sink. Works because the bowl has a rim to hang from.

Under sink storage. A box in the cupboard to hold fake food and play dishes.

A towel rack.

Here it is again, in context.

Let me say this about cardboard, friends. It is an amazing medium. It really is. It's strong and moldable and has wonderful texture. I have a healthy respect for it. As long as you understand its quirks and understand scoring you can make almost anything out of it. Also, not all cardboard is the same, there are different grades. Plus, it is cheap, cheap, cheap. This whole project cost me absolutely nothing. Well, okay, about 40 mini glue gun sticks.

Besides, what's not to love about something that produces a response like this.

ld thinks I should paint it, but I love the cardboardy rawness of it.


Mackenzie Sue said...

That picture of Maddie is HILARIOUS. Love your cardboard stove, one of your best cardboard creations to date.

Megs said...

This is AWESOME. And I agree, best cardboard creation to date. Although I'm still loving the doll house.

Anonymous said...

So, my hilarious sunday school lesson got no comments and your cardboard box gets two. I really should teach you how to make ukuleles out of cardboard. Think about it. Your grandkids would love them and you would be providing them with a musical skill. By the way, it's possible to do. I googled it.