Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Real love: The will to extend one’s self for the purpose of nurturing another’s spiritual growth

Brother #4 called me today and directed me to an old favorite: Esther Satterfield* singing The Need to Be. I had forgotten how much I love her and this song. Sort of a girl power anthem. JLA thought it a song that described our Mother and her relationship with our Dad. I think it does, too. It’s a very secure and strong man who is not threatened by his wife’s gifts, talents and pursuits. It’s an even more remarkable man who nurtures that spirit and, well, her need to be.

Esther nails this song, her voice is incredible. (Although Gladys Knight does a fair version, too). Have a listen. She no longer performs, but retired years ago from the music business to raise 5 kids.

*I’ve posted about Esther before. Singing “Soft”. Did I mention I love her?

To fulfill the need to be
Who I am in this world
Is all I ask
I can't pretend to be something that I'm not
And I won't wear a mask
You've touched my face with love in your eyes
But will you touch my heart
With the understanding that it takes to realize
that I can't play a part
There's this need to be true to myself
And make my own mistakes
I don't want to lean too hard on someone else
No matter what it takes

So if you're sure it's love
Just be sure it's love
For me
'Cause I am what I am and
I have the need to be

I'm not fool enough to ever think
That I could be the master of my own fate
Tho' it's up to me to choose my roads in life
Rocky they may well be the ones I take
There's this need to be something more in this world
Than just a reflection of a man
I can't survive in someone's shadow
I need my very own little spot to stand

So if you're sure it's love
Real, real sure it's love
For me, for me
'Cause I am what I am and
I have the need to be...

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Anonymous said...

Brother #4 commenting......this song was written by a guy named Jim Weatherly, a country singer from Nashville. He also wrote some others you might know including "The Midnight Train to Georgia" made famous by Gladys Knight. It was originally called "The Midnight Plane to Houston". Gladys changed it to train to Georgia because that is where she is from. Jim Weatherly wrote some incredible songs which is unusual because he was actually a quarterback for Ole Miss in the 60's which proves even football jocks have a need to be something more. Pun intended.