Monday, June 1, 2009


Yesterday afternoon Megs and I are sitting in the front room reading from our laptops.

I hear ld from the bedroom yell, Candy, get on your gmail.

I ignore as I am busy reading about the World’s Most Dangerous Countries.

A while later I mosey on over to my gmail. Big mistake. Little box in the lower right hand corner pops up. It’s ringing. I click on the icon Answer. I am now on live video chat. I see myself. Ugh. I try to scrunch down in my seat so only the top of my head is showing. My husband, the one down the hall and in the bedroom, proceeds to blow kisses and wink at me on screen. I tell him, STOP IT. You are creeping me out.

Megs adds her opinion as well, Seriously, Dad, that’s just pervy.

ld is highly amused.

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Channy said...

You married a closet Perv?! Lee used to try and do that with me when he was out on a rig. I am not a fan.