Friday, May 22, 2009

HMA & Ethel Rose Reunion

When: July 2-4, 2009
Where: Orem, Utah
Would love to see as many as possible come, if you can make it work. Complete itinerary soon to be posted. I am hard at work on the scheduling. Behold this early morning (very early, as in I-woke-HB-up early) convo as evidence.

Hb: Hullo?

Me: What time is the golf tournament thingy?

Hb: (Groggily) What?

Me: (Impatiently) What time is the golf thingy?

Hb: (equally impatient) What golf thingy?

Me: You know, the golfing. What time will it be?

Hb: (alittle confused) What are you talking about? (Suddenly he gets it) Oh, you mean for the family reunion?

Me: Yeah. What time? 6 am, 7 am?

Hb: Are you kidding? Nobody is even up then. And it depends on how many let me know. I need to know how many are going to participate.

Me: Okay. (still pressing) Well, what time.

Hb: Well , it won’t be 6 am. Nobody is even up then.

Me: Well, 7 then?

Hb: Uh, possibly 8 am. I won’t know for sure until people sign up.

Me: Oh. Well, I need to know ‘cuz I’m typing up the itinerary right now. (Me sighing impatiently) I’ll just leave it blank for now then. Bye.

Hb: Hey! (dramatic pause) What time is it now?

Me: (I look at clock. I am now feeling sheepish.) I dunno.

Hb: Well…., the golfing won’t be this early.

Me: Okay. Bye.

So all menfolk who are planning on participating in 9 holes of male Arnett bonding need to email or phone him and let him know, so he can secure the tee time. And so I can type it up on the schedule:)

You're all coming, right?

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Kodison said...

Haha. HB's line at the end there is PERFECT.