Saturday, April 25, 2009

pretty good week

Ever have a week crammed full of good and happy and hopeful things? A whirlwind week that makes you reel? T'was that kind of week for me, and because I know that some days, weeks and even years are not always so over-the-rainbow happy (not to mention Seriously, So Blessed! lol) I feel to document it. Just to remember.☺

Last Sunday, April 19th to be exact, ld was sustained and set apart as the Bishop of the BYU 65th Ward in the BYU 12th Stake. Having been one before in our home ward, he should soooo have this down. I was called as his ward Relief Society advisor, which means I advise the Student RS President. Here's the happy part: I get to hang out with ld on Sundays.

True to form last week I blew up my 3rd computer in 6 years. True to form ld rescued me in my stupidness and bought me this: (of course it’s a Mac, the one and only true computer☺)

Snapped this a couple of days ago. It....encourages me. 'Nuff said.

Kodison applied for and was accepted for a paid Geico internship down in Tucson. The fact that it is in Tucson absolutely makes my day.

Because of said internship lovely Megs will be moving in with the parentals for the summer. Lovin’ this, too. She will help me organize, share recipes and swap reading lists.

And last, but certainly not least, awesome 'Kenzie graduated from BYU yesterday afternoon. Words that best describe? PROUD. WEEPY. JOYFUL.

Yup. Quite a week. In case you read this post as being boastful, annoying and similar to a ‘Christmas newsletter’, (the kind that irritate because they gloat), well then, indulge me fam and friends. Believe me, I know a bit about life’s realities, disappointments and unfulfilled expectations. Life lived, on most days, is not newsletter worthy.

But… there can be joyful times, too. This week just happened to be one of them.


Dana said...

Congrats to everyone!

Kodison said...

my favorite is the part about the GEICO internship... what a stud.

Devry said...

congrats to kenz and i love that megs will be living with you for the summer, i did that for a few months while my husband was busy and it was the greatest! and that BYU ward is very lucky to have the both of you!

Lacy E. (as in Eloise, formerly Lee) said...

My dad poo pooed my sending along Lexi's mission e-mails, saying it was bragging. A sort of "my kid is better than your kid" moment. But I told him that it wasn't every day he could claim such a thing. You've got to brag/share/rejoice when the chance shines down on you. Congrats for absolutely everything. I love happy weeks.

Dahly Mama said...

Hi Candy!
congrats on it all!! The paydays of life!
Jeff says you all are heading this way for a reunion this summer! Don't know what your time will be like but it would be fun to see you all!