Saturday, February 14, 2009

valentine nostalgia

Years ago, when the kids were still in elementary school, it used to be the thing to decorate a Valentine mailbox and bring it to school. Meghan reminded me of this a couple of Sundays ago. Remember that one year when we made a little stove? I loved that. I did remember. It's hard to explain what got into me this year, guess I wanted to recreate some memories. Whatever. Voila, a 2009 Valentine stove, a Treasure chest for Cate, and a Mailbox for Kenz. Ld and JLW were not the recipients of any mailbox creativity this year, as let's face it, they simply would not appreciate it. They snarfed down their valentine candy in nothing flat.

This is a side view. Note the felt egg in the frying pan. This is in tribute to Kody (who grew up on an egg farm:) and to Meghan, too. The egg is sunny side up, signifying her sunny nature. Deep, huh? I made the frying pan from a bouillion cube lid and some toothpicks (there is no deep meaning attached to that.) The oven door opens to hold some treats.

Opposite side view. A new dish rag. Because it's cute.

A treasure chest made out of a Saltine cracker box for my little baby friend, Cate. And a mailbox for Kenz. I cut up an old Victoria Secret bag to cover it with. I love, love mailboxes.

A sweet Valentine from Cate. An actual tracing from her hand. Precious.

Oh, and this baby Meghan commissioned me to make for her ward's Valentine's Dance. ld and I tried it out. You would never guess from his pained expression that he is quite the romantic suavo dude.


Kody & Meghan said...

we love love love our oven o love! Thank you for thinking of us and treating us so well! Happy love day!

ld said...

I'm here to inform you that there was absolutely no snarfing on my part…in fact, my standard MO is to leave my treats in the wrapper as long as I can to tantalize the snarfers that surround me. Because I know (all too well) from past experience that as soon as the wrapper if off I need to stuff as much into my mouth as I can stand because "my dear ones" will help themselves to that which doesn't belong to them.

Megs said...

that is correct Pa. Unfortunately, I'm sad to see you're catching on. Mumsie, Kenz and I will have to come up with a new plan....

Lacy E. (as in Eloise, formerly Lee) said...

possibly a pavlovian thing-- seeing your handwriting on baked goods always makes my mouth water!