Tuesday, August 12, 2008

When the cure is worse than the disease

On the ride down to Home Evening in Santaquin:

Ld: So, I’ve given up using deodorant.

Cs: huh? Pray, what brought this about?

Ld: I read that deodorant contains little bits of metal. The metal has been shown to contribute to Alzheimer’s.

Cs: hmmm. So, how long have you been deodorant free?

Ld: Since yesterday morning, or maybe it was just today, I can’t remember.

Cs: I see.

On the ride home:

Ld: (takes a whiff of his underarm) Maybe I’ll start using deodorant again.
(Pause and sigh) It’s a risk I’ll have to take.

Cs: Good call.


Mackenzie Sue said...

He could just use baking soda of maybe its powder- you'll have to ask Meghan. I hear it works great for Canadians.

Anonymous said...

Elder Arnett of the Hamburg Germany Mission says no one there uses deodorant or baking soda. Everyone is au natural, so there must be a striking lack of Alzheimer's, although there is high lack of interpersonal relationships.