Monday, September 17, 2007

Blog tag

I've been thinking about dumb party games. You know the ones. They are on my mind as we have a Society of Relief Board Social coming up. And it would be nice if said Social could be fun but not too lame. Tall order, I know.

In Young Women, I had this down. We played great games. Stuff like Human Lemonade, Spam Carving, Cheeto Head and Peanut butter Baseball. Great fun. Messy and gross, but it kept things lively. Somehow I can’t see our Society Sisters gettin’ into Pantyhose Golf either. Sigh. You see my dilemma.

I am stuck with boring games. Remember the one called “I Have Never” where you say something you have never done before and then everyone runs around and scrambles to find a seat if they have done it. Is that just not soooo fun? Whew Whee.

Just thinking about all that party game hilarity makes me want to play a game right now. Because there’s no more ice cream in the freezer and I’m excessively bored, er, distracted.

So. Game on. I’m calling it Blog tag and it goes like this: I name 5 unknown facts about me ( so fun and fascinating, I know) and then I run around cyberspace chasing all my fam and then when I catch you, I reach out and touch, say, Devry or Wendy or Brig, etc. And then I grab you by the shirt and squeal excitedly, ‘Tag, YOU’RE IT’.

Is that not just the funnest? Then on your blog, you have to name 5 unknown facts about yourself. You know give us all the goods. Because revealing is so much fun. And you all suffer from A.S.S, so if it’s about you, then you are VERY interested. Yup.

Here goes. Heretofore unknown stuff about me, cs:

1. My name is biblical. (See page 1380 in Holy Bible) It’s even spelled authentically.

2. I drank coffee once. In the motel room we stayed in for HB’s college graduation. I went into the bathroom, locked the door and mixed me up some brew from the coffee machine sitting on the counter. I spewed it out fast as my Mom could sniff me out and that is the only time I have ever broken the W.O.W except, of course, the time I ate some candy cigarettes from SunGold Market.

3. My secret ambition/fantasy in life is/was to write the essays in the back of Time magazine.

4. I am one of .006 tenths of the world’s population who is able to discern a distinct flavor from ice. Really. And no, ld, it’s not the same gene involving asparagus. Don’t go there. Don’t.

5. I play the accordian. Not really play, mind you, but well enough for people to make fun of me. If I really like you, I whip it out on occasion. I can do a real inspiring and reverential version of ‘Sweet Hour of Prayer’ and a lilting ‘Pokey Polka’.

6. Oh, and one more. I forgot. I threw a pair of scissors at my teacher's rump in the 2nd grade. But with good reason, mind you. I had my hand raised and she was not coming fast enough. Mrs. Shelton I am so sorry. And I am sorry you had to tell my Mom. But in my defense I had not yet turned 8. I was an unbaptized, unaccountable brat. I would never throw scissors at anyone's rump now.

There. I am fdl (falling down laughing). What a game, eh?

And now. Run run run and pant pant pant...Ha, ha ha!

YOU’RE IT, Lindsay!


Kodyboy said...

Blog Tag? Not bad, though I think Blog Football sounds like more fun if you ask me. Consider this comment the "Opening Kickoff"...

Lacy E. (as in Eloise, formerly Lee) said...

Once I played "Have You Never" with my ESL class and it was heaps of fun because they were constantly confusing it with "Have you Ever," which means that everyone bolted from their chairs no matter what was stated. So that may have been the only time in history that that game was big fun.

Your accordian playing is one of my more favorite facts about you. In fact, sometimes as a conversation piece, I mention that my aunt plays. It's a gem.

Lindsay said...

I've taken up the challenge, completed it and have passed it on!

You are right. Oodles of fun!

Rose said...

I am interested in the YW games, as we are having a time to get our girls interested and coming.

Rose said...

Candy I don't have your email address, but here is mine.