Monday, February 10, 2014

cardboard Sweet Shoppe

When Maddie first saw this she exclaimed, "I love it!" High praise indeed from this child.  It made me so happy to see her reaction. I confess this became one of my favorite cardboard creations. Can't be sure, but maybe it's because my name is Candy. hehehehe.

Here it is, friends. Andie's Birthday Sweet Shoppe:

Some views from the inside:

 And side:

I re-fashioned last years Easter hat parade entry into a cupcake and plopped it on top.

I loved making this. The Grandies and party guests loved it, too. As cheap as it was to make (like next to nothing), it did cost me, though. I had to re-stock it about 3 different times with candy. They sold out pretty quickly, even when Maddie charged exorbitant prices.

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